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Benefits Of Taxi Dispatch Software Over Traditional Taxi Services

Before the era of app-based taxi booking, availing taxi services by calling a taxi agency was considered a luxury. Customers had to wait for long and then even bargain for a proper rate. According to a survey, it has been tracked down that more than 80% commuter prefer taxi booking apps than booking regular taxis plying on the roads. Technology has metamorphosed the taxi industry with Uber, Ola, Jugnoo, Lyft, and Grab being the prime products. The taxi dispatch software benefits taxi business by making it easy, swift and convenient.
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Taxi dispatch software is a solution that can boost the taxi business and has played an indomitable role in making Uber-like taxi app businesses a success. The benefits a taxi dispatch software holds over traditional services are as follows:
1) Accessibility And Visibility:
The traditional taxi services don’t have greater visibility. The taxi dispatch attracts a huge amount of audience because of the fact that the users can simply access the service by just a few clicks on the phone. This wide reach brings light to your business accompanied by an increase in user engagement.
2) Real-Time Tracking And Safety:
The real-time tracking enables users to know the current location of the taxi and the approximate time of their arrival. The real-time tracking integrated with in-app navigation services like Waze map, Google Map services, and Apple Map helps the driver in opting the fastest route in order to avoid traffic jams and reach the destination quickly. This results in customer satisfaction and retention and will also improve fleet utilization.
3) Improved Brand Perception And Retention Of Customers:
The traditional services make it difficult to deal with the expansion of business and increasing count of bookings which results in the loss of customers due to an inefficient management system. The taxi dispatch software automates every process which makes it reliable for the management of increasing fleet size and making the maximum profit.
Uber has a huge amount of loyal customers which is due to their impeccable service and user experience. The taxi dispatch software helps to increase the retention ratio of customers by rewarding loyal customers by providing them special discounts. Promotional offers are aimed at attracting newcomers for trying their services once and discount offers are also made for new and existing users. This enhances revenue, brand value, and recall.
4) Managing Of  Fleet:
In the case of traditional taxi services, it gets tough for the owner to keep track of all the drivers and the fleet. Whereas the taxi dispatch software enables owners to easily keep a track the activities of the driver through the admin panel and real-time tracking feature. This gives a solution to the problem wherein the driver takes longer routes unnecessarily. Now due to constant monitoring, you could warn the driver which ends up in saving time, fuel consumption and cost.
5) Different And Quick Payment Modes:
The traditional services restrict the user and the drivers to pay in cash whereas the taxi dispatch software provides cashless modes of payment.
Customers often need to haggle for a fair rate with the traditional taxi service providers. This inconvenient and time-consuming process has been eliminated by the advent of apps. The app-based taxi attracts customers by offering a fixed rate for a selected number of kilometers.
6) Feedbacks And Rating:
There is always a scope of improvement irrespective of the business scale. Feedbacks and rating from the customers about the drivers would help you track their activities and take necessary actions like rewarding a driver with excellent ratings or to work on the driver with low ratings. The feedback and ratings from the customer regarding changes in service assist the business owners in making their services better and satisfying the customer.
The taxi dispatch software has outclassed the traditional taxi services with its astonishing features. Even manifested that to survive in a situation where technology has penetrated deep in the taxi market, the solution is to headway with time. The present time appeal drivers and business owners of traditional taxi services to embrace technology and upgrade to a taxi dispatch software which facilitates the business owner with efficient and profit making business.
Thinking of developing a taxi app for your business? Get in touch with our product consultants at Jugnoo Taxi.

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