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FAQs: Everything You Wanted To Know About Jugnoo Franchise

Compared to conventional startups, franchises enjoy a much higher percentage of success stories with success rates even spiking over 90% in several countries worldwide. Indeed, being a franchise owner gives you the golden ticket to prosper in your business without worrying about risks. For the small price paid during the initial investment, you can continue to reap profits for an extended period by building your business. Buying a franchise is a monumental decision in every business owner’s life, and they could be riddled with queries and doubts about every nook and corner of the project. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and our response to each.

1. Where can I start my franchise?

Jugnoo provides you the freedom to choose any city in the world to start your franchise. We will provide the necessary technical tools and background support to kickstart your business and will always be present to help you overcome the obstacles that you face.

2. Is it a Taxi or Auto or Delivery franchise?

Jugnoo allows you to take up any franchise. You can choose the taxi, auto rickshaw, bike, e-bike service or Fatafat delivery or even a combination- it’s entirely up to you. In case you’re opting for a combination of services, there will be separate Franchise agreements listing down the terms and conditions for each case.

3. What kind of technical support can I expect from Jugnoo?

We will equip your business with our technology that has successfully boosted businesses in cities all over India and even worldwide. Our technical support includes feature-rich & intuitive customer app, driver app & admin dashboard to automate dispatch, increase efficiency & reduce operational costs. Having operated in diverse cities ourselves, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls and strengthen your operations with proven best practices.
We also provide 24*7 customer support to deal with queries and complaints of customers. Our dedicated customer success managers work around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
FAQs: Jugnoo franchise

4. How much investment is required for the franchise?

Jugnoo offers a multitude of services supporting the franchisees, reducing the investment required to a minimal amount. Often ranging from $1,500 to $50,000 (or INR 1 lakh to 50 lakhs), the investment required depends upon a number of factors such as population, area and other demographics of the city. Larger population or area often requires larger investments. These same cities that require larger investments are also the ones that reap more profits once the business takes off.

5. Do you provide any training support?

Our team provides centralized coaching on both technical aspects as well as soft skills to make sure there are no hiccups in the operations. A 10-15 days training will be provided to the staff and drivers. We also provide training material & franchise starter kits to the new franchises for seamless launch and operations.

6. Do you have a franchise agreement?

Yes, we have a standard franchise agreement that lays down the terms and conditions for the partnership. The franchisor agreement has a validity of 1 year and is renewable.

7. Can I own more than one franchise?

Yes, Jugnoo also provides the opportunity to own franchises in multiple cities. The investment required for the cities may vary. There will be separate agreements for each city.

8. Can I have sub-franchisees under me?

Yes, it is possible to have sub-franchisees, however, explicit permission and agreement based on the same will be required.
These are some of the common queries we receive from enthusiastic to-be franchise owners. In case you have any questions regarding any aspect of franchising, get in touch with our consultants. Happy franchising!

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