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HEZZ Taxi: A Lifeline for Taxi Business in Morocco


HEZZ Taxi is a pioneer in providing online taxi booking app services in Morocco. Started in 2018, HEZZ provides Uber-like-app based taxi services enabling customers to book, track & pay for rides via HEZZ app.

Reduction in Dispatch & Operational Costs

Operational costs tend to be high in on-demand taxi dispatch business & these high costs are often pushed to customer side, hence disengaging customers.

JugnooTaxi helped HEZZ Taxi to automate dispatching, enable real-time tracking and streamline the workflow involved in running a large scale taxi dispatch business.

HEZZ Taxi is now able to cut down operational costs by more than 55%.

User-friendly Uber-like-app Development

Empowering customers with mobile applications that are feature rich & convenient to use is critical for the success of on-demand businesses.

HEZZ Taxi launched user-friendly, native iOS & Android apps, powered by JugnooTaxi, for both customers and drivers to create a successful ride-hailing ecosystem.

HEZZ Taxi have increased their rides by 150% in the first 2 weeks.

Multi-language Support

An on-demand SAAS offering adds true value to a business only when it is customized according to its unique requirements.

HEZZ Taxi apps are enabled with multi-language support to help them engage and attract customers in their language.

HEZZ Taxi app downloads have increased by 80% in the first week.

Improved Demand Fulfillment Via Dynamic Pricing

The ever changing demand and supply environment in the taxi dispatch business calls for a smart & agile mechanism to manage both sides efficiently.

JugnooTaxi helped HEZZ Taxi manage demand & supply by introducing dynamic pricing to incentivize supply in under-served areas with high demand.

HEZZ Taxi have increased their fulfilment rate by 40% within 2 weeks of launch.

The Phenomenal Impact We Created

Rides taken increased by 150%
Fulfilment rate increased by 40%
App downloads increased by 80%
Operational cost reduced by 55%

The Future

HEZZ Taxi plan to double their user base and revenue by year end, to become one of the top 3 online taxi dispatch companies in Morocco and eventually in Africa in the coming 2 years.

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