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How Can You Also Use Your Taxi Software as a Marketplace?

With COVID-19 doing an unending cameo in 2020, the transportation industry has suffered a bad hit. So, if your taxi service isn’t picking up pace, don’t get discouraged. 

Our taxi dispatch software Jugnoo is not all about that. It’s an expansive transportation solution that can work well with any other conveyance business. You can use Jugnoo as a marketplace for other services while the pandemic slows down so that you kickstart your taxi dispatch services all over again! 

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Jugnoo caters as a marketplace to a wide-range of business ideas you can explore and make the best out of to avoid losing on your investment! Read on to find out how:

Jugnoo as an On-Demand Delivery Platform

In addition to being a taxi service platform, uber clone software Jugnoo can transform into an on-demand delivery platform for essentials as well. To set the ball rolling, customers will just have to do is place an order on their customer app. It will then be prepared, dispatched and delivered to them at their doorstep! Whether it’s food, laundry, medicines, groceries, pet supplies, or stationery, Jugnoo can get it done anytime.

Car & Bike Rental – Vehicle rentals have become increasingly popular in the past months as other modes of transports are affected. With Jugnoo’s peer-to-peer rental solution, you can launch your own car or bike rental marketplace in a week’s time. 

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Trucking Service –  The global logistics market is projected to witness substantial growth with Asia Pacific having the largest market size. You can kick start your own trucking service with Jugnoo’s Trucking Dispatch Software. Our solution is packed with Uber Freight Clone customer & driver apps and sophisticated dispatcher & admin panels.

Concierge – Accessibility of daily-use products has become more important for us now than ever. With Jugnoo, you can redefine convenience. Set up your concierge services where your customers can order and get anything delivered to their doorstep. Apart from customer mobile app, delivery agent app, and a powerful admin dashboard, Jugnoo also provides you with an integrated CRM and business analytics. 

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Delivery –  With everything getting home-delivered these days, setting up an on-demand delivery service can be a good idea too. Jugnoo avails you with a complete technology suite for you to start your delivery services with features like route optimization, real-time tracking, geo-fencing, and analytics. Track your pickups & deliveries and let your customers easily order from your app. View and track your analytics.

Shuttle Service – With public transport severely affected during COVID-19, people are exploring other available options of commuting. You can launch your own Intra-city Shuttle Dispatch Service with Jugnoo. With our integrated platform, you can define routes and manage your fleet from one place. Jugnoo provides you with a powerful customer app, driver app, and admin dashboard. Passengers can book their rides, choose their seats, and pay with ease.

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Limousine Dispatch – Jugnoo’s advanced limousine dispatch software can help you digitize your limousine travel business. Redefine opulence with personalised white-labelled customer & chauffeur apps. Let your customers book rides and make payments smoothly. Chauffeur apps are packed with our limo reservation system for route optimization, easy dispatching, fulfillment and payments. And with an agile admin panel you can easily manage everything and get useful insights all from one place.

Towing & Roadside Assistance – Finding roads empty has almost become normal for us these days. Getting roadside help is not as readily available as before now. You can bank on the opportunity and set up your own Towing & Roadside Assistance Services with the help of Jugnoo. Get a complete end-to-end tow truck solution with Admin App & Dispatcher Dashboard too! 

And these aren’t just the only business models we serve. You can use Jugnoo to start just about any conveyance marketplace and not just as a taxi dispatch system. Head to the Jugnoo Homepage for more! 

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