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Jugnoo versus Uber: The detailed evaluation of e-ride hailing services

The on-demand ride-hailing services have conquered the roads worldwide. The worldwide globalization of e-transport has opened the doors for many big and small businesses to try their luck in the ride-hailing industry.

However, there are several things that differentiate one from the other. Ranging from the rider experience to focusing more upon the pledge of tech-driven comfort, there are some peculiar points that make one better than the others.

In this write-up, we will highlight the strong and distinguished features of two top main competitors in the industry. Jugnoo is an emerging name in the e-ride hailing industry that has given a tough time for the giant players such as Uber.

Here’s the detailed basic evaluation of Jugnoo and Uber, over each other

For the people, who are still finding it difficult to choose the better over the other, here is the list of comparative analysis that you should know.

Customization: Jugnoo or Uber?

When you are dealing with common people, it is much advised to make sure that your services put an extra impact on your customer’s mind. Knowing about the vulnerability quotient of the customers to pick up the best, a taxi business that lasts a longer impression on its riders will win the race. 

Jugnoo, being an uber clone SaaS provider, is capable of offering 100% customization of the software as per the market requirements. The robust and powerful dispatch software and apps could be customized in a way that the required elements could be added to the app. This means, if you pick Jugnoo, you can still have the opportunity to own a personalized touch in the e-hailing industry.

Uber, on the other side, fails to impress you in this dimension. Though Uber is a long-running e-hailing name in the market but still because of the absence of a SaaS platform, it missed the chance to offer a customization gift to its customers. It also constricts the users to pick a single vertical of taxi only. 

Our verdict: Without customization, it is a big no to use the taxi dispatch software. It misses to offer you a sense of belonging. Moreover, because of no SaaS platform, Uber lacks the technology quotient too.

Scalability: How far Jugnoo and Uber allows?

Scalability is an important feature that allows a business to keep on growing with moving time. Let’s have a look at how far this feature is being supported by Jugnoo as well as Uber.

Jugnoo is quite popular in terms of offering a wider range of scalable platforms for business owners. As you grow with time, Jugnoo offers you the flexibility to expand your fleet and ride number. 

Uber, on the contrary, is not able to push the scalability quotient. If you decided to tie-up with Uber, you need to keep your expansion standstill because Uber fails to support the scalability of the dispatch software and apps. 

Our verdict: Growth is an inevitable part of a successful business journey. You need to make a smart decision looking at the future opportunities too. 

The UX-UI Component: Who impresses the customers more?

The game is all about winning trust and customer satisfaction. If your e-hailing business switches to encourage more users to be a part of your ride industry, you are good to go to stay in the competition. 

Jugnoo again wins the race when it comes to offering a better UI-UX experience to the customers. The higher flexibility of the SaaS platform makes it easy for a business owner to add as many of the customer-preferred features in the business. It helps in offering hand-picked benefits of letting a business adapt and mold itself as per the requirements of the customers.

Uber is a little harsh and rigid when we talk about offering flexibility features. The pre-built features of Uber are only good to use. One cannot expect any sort of UI-UX Shifting in its platform. This is one of the prime features why Uber lacks to make businesses sustain for a longer time in the competition. 

The smart moves of integration: Jugnoo or Uber, who chases the best?

Jugnoo helps in adding smart integration of different components in the dispatch software. It is convenient to add flexible API integrations in the dispatch software and will help you to earn the flexibility of adding multiple payment channels. It allows you to broaden the customer base by offering them quick flexibility to use their favorable payment channels.

Uber is, however, lagging behind in terms of offering the flexibility of integrating the multiple payment options. One has to put limits on their payment options owing to the only available options for digital wallets.

The overall cost: Do you need to burn your pocket?

Speaking about the merits and perks of being a part of the e-hailing industry, it is necessary to choose a platform that stays easy on your pocket. 

Jugnoo overall charges you a lesser amount for offering you white-labeled and fully customized taxi apps that can help your business earn a decent amount from the start.

Uber does provide the option to own white-labeled apps but the amount charged is very high. It becomes difficult to manage the investment and ROI ratio for the initial days. 

Jugnoo gives you the scope to widen your business operations. As per your convenience, you can pick to start new ventures for on-demand businesses such as grocery delivery, food delivery and many more.

On the opposite side, Uber failed to do so. 

All the above-mentioned benefits explain why Jugnoo is one of the emerging names in the e-hailing industry as compared to the giant players such as Uber.

Be smart enough to react over the gravity of the situation and make the best decision. For any information, connect with us.

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