How to Ensure Carpool Safety with Covid-19 in 2020?

Carpooling safety has become a concern for many commuters this year. With 2020 bringing us the worst forest fires and Covid-19, we have had to face the effects of climate change while socially distancing. Using public transportation has become risky. While most try to use their own vehicles now, it is not convenient for everyone […]

How Can Starting a Taxi Business Work in the New Normal World?

Amid unprecedented events, there is always a ray of hope. A hope to fight despair with positive ideas to keep the momentum high. We all know that the transport industry has been hit hard in recent times. Business owners who are a part of the travel industry are finding it difficult to keep up the […]

4 Reasons SaaS Is Better Than A Source Code For Your Taxi Business

You might be very familiar with these two words: SaaS and Source Code. Businesses who are intended to go digital are often stuck between which one to pick and why. Broadly, these two are often considered to be equally powerful when it comes to choosing one over the other. But this is where the decision-maker […]

3 Top Reasons To Introduce Surge Pricing Feature in Your Taxi Business

Geared up for your online taxi business? We are sure, you must have a big to-do list that can help you to discover your real potential in the competition. So, before you begin, let’s have a quick discussion over some of the additional strategic moves that could redirect your taxi business to the right track […]

Run Your E- Transport Business Before Amazon Ruins Your Opportunity

After the E-commerce industry, Amazon is all set to acquire your roads. Yes, that’s true! Our country transport can once again be ruled by outsiders. In a situation, where we are already struggling with our fight against Uber’s Taxi Transport and here comes another big shock for us. For the ones, who have not come […]

4 Things You Should Know Before Making a Choice Between Jugnoo and Taxicaller

Are you ready to accelerate your taxi business in the market? If yes, then you must have heard about the much-appreciated taxi dispatch software that can diligently contribute to add up a good revenue to your taxi business.  We all know about the associated benefits of taxi dispatch software over traditional taxi services and now […]

4 Ways How Customer App Helps To Uplift Your Taxi Business Revenue

Setting up a taxi business involves a myriad of steps that accounts for successfully establishing your name in the ride-hailing industry. As a taxi business owner, you need to narrow down your focus over the most effective and ingenious business practices that could ace the process of building up of higher revenue in less span […]

Emergency SOS Feature: Inherent Safety Parameter in Jugnoo’s Dispatch Software

The ride-hailing industry has seen exponential growth in the market. With an average growth rate of  CAGR 16.5% of the taxi business, it has been estimated that in the coming five years, the industry would touch around $120 billion. Many of the factors such as easy accessibility, affordable ride rates, digital payments, etc have positively […]

Odd-even Rationing in Delhi: Raising the Need of More App-based Taxi Businesses!

With Delhi’s pollution level spiking exponentially, notable efforts are made to control the current situation. The introduction of odd-even rationing in the state is one such appreciable effort that is intended to reduce the massive vehicular emissions and ameliorate the city’s air quality.  The odd-even rule has let people skip driving in case of a […]

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