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Transforming Trinidad & Tobago’s Ride-hailing Landscape With JugnooTaxi

While 2018 saw the troubled exit of Uber from Trinidad & Tobago, many local players emerged to provide reliable, economic and efficient taxi booking service for riders and drivers. Behind the local players are powerful technology providers, one of them being JugnooTaxi, who have helped overcome the challenges of the public transportation system in Trinidad & Tobago.


Streamlining Operations:

Automating dispatch and workflow right from customer pickup, driver assignment, promotions to managing driver earnings while also managing and monitoring customers, drivers and fleet.

App-based Ride Booking:

As on-demand taxis gained popular ground in Trinidad & Tobago, local taxi dispatch players rushed to launch their own branded mobile applications to add more channels for booking rides.

Engagement With Drivers:

Maintaining the demand-supply balance is crucial to the success of a taxi dispatch service. However, it was quite challenging to engage drivers to perform well consistently in long-term.

Dynamic Business Environment:

With exponentially rising number of app users, it becomes the need of the hour to scale the app offerings and introduce latest features to improve user experience.


Powerful Taxi Dispatch Software:

JugnooTaxi helped local taxi players to automate dispatching, enable real-time tracking, use advanced analytics and streamline the workflow involved in running a large scale taxi dispatch business.

Uber-like-app Development:

We helped local players launch user-friendly, native iOS & Android Uber-like-apps for customers. The mobile apps facilitated easy taxi booking, tracking, payments, marketing promotions and referrals.

Driver Leadership Board:

We developed driver apps & displayed top performing drivers on the Leadership Board. This not only helped motivate drivers to excel but also increased transparency in developing incentivising mechanisms for them.

Agile & Scalable Taxi Solutions:

As our Uber-like-apps gained traction in Trinidad and Tobago, we catered to the rising customer expectations with our new features such as scheduled rides, multiple payment gateways, dynamic pricing, ticketing-based support and multi-language support.


JugnooTaxi’s approach to setting up a simple yet powerful taxi dispatch system did wonders for the local players in Trinidad and Tobago. It helped overcome the challenges posed by the public transportation system to provide a safe, economic and efficient taxi booking system.

Impact strip

Rides Taken increased by 100%
Registered drivers increased by 80%
Operational Cost reduced by 45%
App downloads increased by 150%

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