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Why We Love Jugnoo's New Admin Panel (and You Should Too!)

While the customer and driver apps steal the limelight in the taxi dispatch industry, the core that actually runs the show lies at the admin dashboard. The admin panel enables business owners to have total control over all the assets for real-time fleet tracking, automated taxi dispatch and provides a digital way of handling the business.

The dashboard gives a brief of the entire system by giving insights into the following- active drivers, active customers active bookings, ongoing trips, total earnings, requested rides and canceled rides.
Live Map:
The admin can effortlessly track the real-time location of the taxis through the map services like Waze map, Google Map services, and Apple Map. This even facilitates the admin with information related to the status of the taxi. They even get to know the routes taken by the drivers. The live map is accompanied by the following:

  1. Tasks:  This pane is visible on the left side of the map. It consists of assigned and unassigned tasks/rides. The assigned tasks are the ones which have been assigned to the drivers. Whereas the unassigned tasks are the ones which are in the waiting queue to get assigned as the business owner has chosen the option of Manual Dispatch.
  2. Drivers: This is visible on the right side pane of the map. This consists of free, busy, and inactive driver status. Free refers to the drivers without any ride at the moment. Busy refers to the drivers that are on a ride. Inactive refers to the drivers who aren’t available during that time.

Search Dashboard:
This allows the admin to view the details of a specific user or driver and even the ride details.

  • The specific user can be searched by just entering the id or the contact details like the email or phone number.
  • The searching of driver requires the id, phone number, and vehicle number.
  • The ride details can be accessed by entering the ride id.

Ride Details:
The admin can easily view the rides and their status on the extreme left pane of the admin panel. The rides are categorized as follows:

  • Ongoing Rides: This shows the list of rides that are going on at the moment and the admin can even search an ongoing ride.
  • Scheduled Ride: This shows the details of the scheduled ride and the admin can even search for a scheduled ride.
  • Completed Rides: This shows the list of rides that are completed and the admin can even search a completed ride.
  • Canceled Rides: This shows the list of rides that were canceled and the admin can even search a canceled ride.
  • Missed Rides: This shows the list of rides that were missed and the admin can even search a missed ride.

The information shown with different rides are as follows:

  1. Engagement ID
  2. Name of the user and driver
  3. Phone number
  4. Pickup and drop-off location
  5. Pick-up time and drop-off time
  6. Status of the ride
  7. Action that was taken in case of canceled and missed rides

Manual Ride Dispatch:
This authorizes the admin to start and assign a ride manually by just adding simple details like the user’s number and name, address of the pick-up point and destination, and the type of vehicle. The owner can get the fare estimate by clicking on the left button and even book a ride by clicking on the button on the right.

Vehicle Fare Setting:
This enables the owner to set prices according to the vehicle type, ride type, and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated by the vehicle.

Driver Communication:
The admin can communicate to the driver by just either sending a push message or SMS or both. For communicating the admin just needs to enter the id, name, and number of the driver of just search for the driver in the search bar.

Driver Performance Analysis:
Business owners can view driver performance data by simply clicking on the Drivers tab in the left pane. Under this tab, they’ll have access to information like the number of active drivers and deactivated drivers. A search bar is also present to ease navigation which enables searching for drivers via driver details like the id, name, mobile number, email, and the vehicle number. Owners can also keep a track of the driver enrollment process whether it is completed by updating all documents or there are some pending documents. The admin can even view the driver leaderboard which ranks the driver according to the rides taken to get insights on incentivization, fulfillment rate improvement, and much more.

Customer Details:
To get all the customer details, just click the Customers tab on the left pane of the admin dashboard. It’ll show a list of active customers along with the details like ID and name of the user, phone number, email ID, last login date and time, the date of the last ride taken, the number of total rides and the OTP. You can also use the search bar to simplify navigating to a particular user.

Payment Modes:
Neither the customer nor the driver needs to carry change with them as the payment can be also done through cashless methods. Various payment gateways are integrated with taxi apps to provide reliable and convenient payment methods to the customers.

Chat Support System:
In case of any queries related to the taxi software, business owners can simply click on Chat Support on the left panel of the admin dashboard. The queries will be answered in real-time by the Jugnoo tech team to ensure seamless operations of your taxi business round the clock.
Data Analytics:
When business owners click on the Analytics tab on the left panel of the dashboard, they are able to access diverse custom reports such as details of customers, drivers, payment modes and rides taken. This gives the owners insights into customer behavior, payment patterns, fraud detection, driver performance, fleet utilization, etc. enabling them to take the right decisions. The actionable insights for these reports assist in planning business strategies and act as a catalyst in the growth of the business.

If you’re interested to know more about how the taxi dispatch system can add value to your mobility business, get a free demo and consultation with our product specialist today.

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