Advanced Software for Towing Dispatch & Roadside Assistance

Automate Dispatch, Real-time Agent Tracking & Manage Payments to scale your Uber for Tow Trucks business

Custom-built Uber for Tow Trucks Solution

Customer App

  • Real-time Tracking

    Allow your customers to track their driver in real-time, minimizing anxiety, follow-up queries & improving customer satisfaction.

  • Notifications & Alerts

    Automatically send status related & location-based notifications to update your customers on their towing request & driver status.

  • Reviews & Feedback

    Enable customers to provide feedback & ratings post service completion to further improve offerings & increase repeat requests.

Dispatcher Dashboard

Automate Dispatch

Automate request assignment to seamlessly manage real-time request-driver matching to reduce bottlenecks in workflow.

Dynamic Pricing

Manage surge in requests & supply at peak hours efficiently with dynamic pricing in your Uber for tow trucks app.

Manage Everything

Monitor, track & update information regarding customers, drivers & dispatch history on a single panel.

Driver App

  • Availability Toggle

    Allow drivers to update their real-time availability & accept towing requests ensuring higher fulfilment rates.

  • Integrated Chat

    Enable two-way chat-based communication between drivers & customers to update both sides on any job details.

  • Manage Liability

    Efficiently manage risk by taking photos, collecting signatures and marking damage waivers from the driver app.

Admin Panel

Fleet Management

Manage, monitor & track your fleet's real-time availability, location, service status & documentation details.

Manage Payments

Seamlessly manage customer payments, revenues & driver earnings in real time- all on a single dashboard.

Reports & Analytics

Get detailed custom reports & actionable data based insights to increase efficiency & grow your business.

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Advanced Features for Your Truck Dispatch Business

Payment Gateways

Integrate with multiple payment gateways to allow customers to choose from convenient & reliable payment options.

Manage Earnings

Design fully custom driver commission modules & monitor revenues- all from a single powerful admin dashboard.

Motor Club Integrations

Break no sweat on third party platform integrations for your tow truck dispatch app with our open, free & secure APIs.


Allocate resources & push notifications based on custom made geography lines to efficiently manage supply-demand.

Custom Build Your Towing Software & Uber-like Roadside Assistance Apps